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Packing and delivery service

When you are ready to use our services, let us help pack your items and get them ready for storage. You can contact us to inquire about service fees using the "BOOKING NOW" button below.

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Good Move Storage provide the space rental and storage room service

Superior service with storage rooms for rent ready to take care of your things safely.

Good Move Storage is a service to facilitate customers who want to rent a cheap storage room that will help manage the messy problem of finding a place to store things while waiting to move or repair a house, both for short-term and long-term rentals. This includes packing and transporting your belongings comfortably and safely to our rental storage unit. Additionally, our team will help you calculate the most cost-effective storage space for your belongings. to maintaining the security of anything you store in our space.

The storage has been designed to be modern, clean, safe and has a variety to choose from at an affordable price. You can choose the style and size of the room as desired. At Good Move Storage, we have 2 storage services for you. Type and another service is packing and moving for storage.

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There are 3 sizes of storage rooms as follow: Size S (size 4 square meters), Size M (size 8 square meters) and Size L (size 16 square meters) for you to choose from as appropriate to the amount of your items. You can check the room size and price with us according to the table in the room rental service format.

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Storage rental service

For who want to rent storage room at a cheap price, we have 3 sizes to choose from, starting from 4 sq m. – 16 sq m.

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Space rental service

Suitable for storing large quantities of goods and long-term storage, such as storing items during renovation of a home, shop or office.

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Packing and delivery for store it

Good move Storage has a service to take stuff at the place for import into storage. This service we have to choose from according to the packs of Good move Storage as well as packing items as well.

Procedure for using the storage rental service


Store it

Give the key

S Room

There is self-storage space size 4 sqm. dimenstion wide 2meter dept 2 meter hight 2.5 meter
฿ 2900 Per month
  • Security guard
  • CCTV
  • Lock the room then give the key.

M Room

There is self-storage space size 8 sqm. dimenstion wide 4 meter dept 2 meter hight 2.5 meter
฿ 5500 Per month
  • Security guard
  • CCTV
  • Lock the room then give the key.

L Room

There is self-storage space size 8 sqm. dimenstion wide 4 meter dept 4 meter hight 2.5 meter
฿ 10500 Per month
  • Security guard
  • CCTV
  • Lock the room then give the key.

Security system

We provide storage room rental services, storage rentals, and storage. Every storage room has standards and has a security system to ensure the safety and security of your products or things.

Packing by Good move team
Be careful
Packing List
Checking list
There are security guard
CCTV System
There are the CCTV systems
Give a key for privacy