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Storage rental service by Good move Storage

When you are caught up in busy city life, crowded city spaces, cramped spaces, and insufficient storage space, check out our services.


Personal self storage service


Space rental service

Pack & Delivery

Packing and delivery for store it

Procedure for using the service


1. If you are looking for a storage location and are interested in using our services, you can contact us to discuss services and inquire about service formats with us.


2. After you inquire about our services and you are interested in our services, you can make an appointment with us in advance so that the service will check the room and prepare it for you.

Packing goods

3. If you are bringing items to our storage facility and you would like them protected before being stored. We have a service to pack products before storing for you.

Transports and delivery

4. In the event that you are unable to drive your vehicle to store items or your car capacity does not support sending or receiving large volumes of items.

Store it

5. Our storage facilities are standardized, including security systems, storage, and cleanliness

Give the key

6. We will provide you with a key card to verify your identity when you wish to enter the premises to view or inspect your merchandise.

Check the storage room as you needed