Good move Storage

Storage room type and check prices

You can just choose the style and size of the room according to the product type and characteristics with us. We have 2 types of storage for your service and can check the room size. and prices with us as per the table in the room rental service form.


It is a personal storage room with the highest standards, suitable for those who have items that require a lot of care, or items for long-term storage, or items that you frequently bring in and take out, this type of storage It will be a storage room that meets your needs the most. Because we have security guards, keys provided and a CCTV system for peace of mind.

Space for rent services

Rental service for 1 piece for per day

Suitable for storing large quantities of goods, long-term storage, and suitable for storing items in the form of storing individual items, small amounts of items, or large items. Including accepting large machines that cannot be stored in private storage rooms.

The service fee starts at THB50 per day per 1 sqm.

The system operates to give you confidence.

Packing by Good move team

Be careful the goods

Packing List

Checking list


There is security guard.

CCTV System

There is CCTV


Lock the room then give the key.