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We understand the problem of city people whose houses or condos have less usable space and less more space. What about your personal belongings? Where to store it? Loved things, treasured things, collectibles, important things that are increasing every day. Office supplies, accounting documents Where should to store it? You can check prices with us on the options that suit you.

Good move Storage

The storage service of

• Renovate the house, furniture, decorations, personal items, where should they be stored?
• Sports tools, toys, books, collectibles, and other miscellaneous items. It so much takes up space in the house. Where should store it?
• Traveling abroad or staying in another province for a long time. Where the belonging to store?
• There are a lot of documents in the office. Where should store it?
• Trade show booths, banners, advertising signs and public relations media must be kept for next time use. Where should they be stored?

You can just choose the style and size of the room according to the product type and characteristics with us. We have 2 types of storage for your service and can check the room size. and prices with us as per the table in the room rental service form.