Warehouse, The space for rent

Offering storage services that focus on quantity and long-term storage with rental space.

Warehouse to rent storage space for long -term deposits. It also allows you to take additional items or remove from Warehouse by depositing items.

Who is renting storage space suitable for?

  • Store your items when renovating your shop or company
  • Store furniture, electrical appliances or office supplies, including a large number of products during the renovation of a company, office or factory
  • Store large quantities of goods or booth setup equipment, shop or important event items, for future events and beyond.
  • For being a place to store goods while waiting for export to foreign countries, for example.
Storage rental service

Storage space rental service rate

Good Move 
Warehouse, Creat the room

Monthly rental table

Type of room
Rental per a month
Rental per week
S room
5 sqm.
M room
10 sqm.
THB 4,200
THB 1,700
L room
15 sqm.
2,250 บาท
XL room
20 sqm.
THB 7,400
Good Move 
Room create in Warehouse

Overall monthly promotion per 1 times.

Type of room
Rent at one time for 3 months
Rent at one time for 6 months
Rent at one time for 12 months
S room
THB 6,850
THB 13,600
THB 26,900
M room
THB 12,500
THB 24,750
THB 48,950
L room
THB 16,950
THB 33,500
THB 66,450
XL room
THB 22,000
THB 43,500
THB 86,150
Good Move 
Warehouse, on ground

Monthly rental table

Space on ground for rent
On ground
1 sqm.

Warehouse service provide the space for rental service from Good Move Storage.

We have various sizes of storage spaces: We offer services to store items in the Warehouse as flat storage starting from 1 square meter, and we also increase privacy by renting space in the form of solid rooms for the intimacy of the items, ranging from 5-20 square meters.

Security system: We have a fire extinguishing system, CCTV cameras installed both outside and inside. In addition, we have security personnel available 24 hours a day to ensure that nothing is lost while storing items with us.

We offer delivery service between renting and storing your items with us: If you have items or equipment for setting up a booth or exhibiting products, we have delivery vehicles of various sizes, including pickup trucks and small and large trucks, to help you transport your equipment to the event venue. Or even at the end of the event, we also have a service to move your items from the exhibition back to the warehouse. We also rent out storage space for you.

We work with precision: We record the list of items before and after moving them from the old location and storing them in the storage space that you rent, to check the accuracy of the items that are moved with the customer first. Then we record the room number and customer name in our system, ready for you to check at any time. We also deliver a key card for the customer to use to enter and exit the warehouse. You can rent storage space from us at any time. In addition, you can also bring your own key to lock your storage locker

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