Warehouse - space rental service

Space rental service

Warehouse suitable for storing large quantities of goods, long-term storage. Which type is suitable for storing items in the form of depositing them in your personal store as follows:

– Product storage when the store is being renovated
– Store a lot of furniture during a large house renovation.
– Store office equipment for working from home.
– Store a large amount of products to wait for the new store opening day.
– Hold stuff while waiting for export to foreign countries.

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Monthly rental table

Type of room
Rental per a month
Rental per week
S room
5 sqm.
M room
10 sqm.
THB 4,200
THB 1,700
L room
15 sqm.
2,250 บาท
XL room
20 sqm.
THB 7,400
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Overall monthly promotion per 1 times.

Type of room
Rent at one time for 3 months
Rent at one time for 6 months
Rent at one time for 12 months
S room
THB 6,850
THB 13,600
THB 26,900
M room
THB 12,500
THB 24,750
THB 48,950
L room
THB 16,950
THB 33,500
THB 66,450
XL room
THB 22,000
THB 43,500
THB 86,150